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Meeting in Vilnius
In the hotel
Your room
In the hotel at reception
In the morning
The breakfast
The Clock
On telephone

On the market
At the vegetable stand
At Sigita's
On the phone; arranging a date
In the men's outfitter's
In the Cafe "Neringa", ordering a cup of coffee
At a party
In the Department Store; try to something on

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Hotel. To reserve room (by telephone)
A telegram; reading a message
Another message...Reading a bizarre message
There's no parking here!
Enquiring about public transport
Describing an accident
Difficulties on the phone (to complain about order)
A meeting on the plane

Talking about interests
Talking about the weather
Do you like it? (To express likes)
To discuss methods of payment
To express quality
To describe a person
Get well wishes
The mysterious briefcase

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At a Party, talking about a family
Plans for a picnic. Making suggestions
Turning up late for an appointment
To express surprise and disbelief
Enquiring about a mystery
Two friends on holiday
At the bank
At the foreign exchange counter
In the street, asking for help
Plans for the Evening
To clarify a confusion (wrong address)

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